Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Time off in Santorini

For the past 2 weeks, I have been off work for my Uncles wedding in Greece, more specifically: Santorini, a Greek island. 

During the time in Santorini, we stayed in a hotel complex with most of my extended family on my dad’s side. Unfortunately, the hotel didn’t have a pool so I decided to read instead. I ended up reading 5 and a half books in a week.

We took my nan with us and she currently has 2 broken hips and a knee with 3 breakpoints. This caused a lot of stress travelling and getting around on holiday. Fortunately, the people at the airport were helpful but I was tasked to do all the wheelchair pushing whilst there (we were halfway up a mountain).

The wedding was amazing, Greek people are so friendly (if your family is about to be merged anyway) even if you can’t understand them!

The highlight of the holiday was the food. I got to eat Greek salads, swordfish, veal, lamb, beef, pork; you name it. And the olives. The olives were divine.

Fira is the capital of Santorini and was packed full of people (unsurprisingly mostly all tourists). The port for cruise ships is located at the bottom of the cliff face which is linked to the town/city via a cable car system.
Since we didn’t have any transport and Fira was within walking distance (barely, it took 45 minutes each way), we ended up walking there several times during the holiday; including to go to pubs and bars for football and Greek beer (which is amazing).

Random beaches assorted around the island
There is a red, white and black beach on Santorini. The red beach is about 30 meters long and is not very impressive at all apart from the fact its red. The white beach is just a beach.. but the black beach which almost surrounds the island (since its volcanic, that’s what makes it black) were stone beaches which had restaurants along the front. When I went in the sea, there were fish everywhere and if you dive and try and touch them, they just slowly move. The wind was pretty damn strong causing the current to be kind of crazy until they raised the red flags for about 2 hours signalling to not go in the sea as it is dangerous.

Some History I learned about the islands

  • We went on an island coach tour and the tour guide told us some very interesting things about the Greek island known for its luxury resorts.

  • 12 of the Greek islands including Thira(Santorini) and Thirasia used to be joined and were part of the Cyclades island.

  • The name Santorini comes from a church of Saint “Irene” in which the franks named the island around the 1500s

  • Thira was the name of a Greek King and a nearby island Thirasia was named after his daughter.

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